Not the first. Not the biggest. But a different access to a marketplace for NFTs

NFTs, nifties, crypto goodies, call them what you want. Everyone is talking about them. They ‘live’ on the blockchain. They’re unique, liquid, and scarce. Just like physical goods, you can (almost) do whatever you want with them! You could gift them, hold them, show them, buy them, or sell them on an open marketplace.

Built by the folks at TrustSwap, a Top 50 DeFi project

The same team that brings token locks, liquidity locks, and an entire plethora of DeFi security tools. Swappable is a native extension of our vision and philosophy.

Believers in open protocols

We are strong believers in [responsible] freedom. You wouldn’t know us through hype. That’s because we are a bunch of product-oriented folks obsessed with building and delivering. This makes us one of the most popular teams in the DeFi space you might not have heard of yet.

Why sell your digital art with Swappable?

  • We provide access to the marketplace that pays 80% of the accrued fees back to the community (SWAP stakers)
  • 50% lower selling fees if paid in TrustSwap’s SWAP token
  • Your buyer pays no purchase fees
  • Create and sell your NFTs in just the click of a few buttons
  • Supports all major digital content formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF (interactive 3D modelling)
  • Easy and intuitive onboarding process. Sign up with your wallet, no account creation needed
  • Set a fixed price or auction your NFT to the highest bidder
  • Earn royalties each time your NFT gets resold on Swappable

Ready to sell you first NFT goodie on Swappable?

We have made it super easy to sell your first NFT with us. You even get to design your own storefront on Swappable and have a chance to get featured on our homepage and be advertised to our vast community. We are in this together.

Swappable is a simple User Interface which allows its users an easy access to all types of NFTs like ERC721 and ERC1155 on the Ethereum blockchain.

The core team behind Swappable (and TrustSwap):

Swappable is a user interface that is focused on NFTs and will soon also support P2P trading of any ERC20 token. Users can set up storefronts and create NFTs on Swappable for free. Only after your NFT is sold, a low fee will be deducted. Swappable is part of the TrustSwap ecosystem. All fees paid in SWAP tokens will enjoy a 50% discount. 80% of the fees will go to the staking rewards pool, 20% will be burned.
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